Boost Your Merchandising with the Coolest Wearable Around

October 08, 2015

It's almost here! DC TAG, Australia's No. 1 payment wristband, will soon be available for consumer purchase online and through DC Payments' retail partners. DC Payments Vice President of Sales, Andrew Wingrove, says the company will open new distribution channels following a successful rollout of the new Visa payWave wristband through select financial institution partners in Canada.

Given the product's appeal, Wingrove says a primary focus will be the launch of DC TAG sales direct to consumer through the company's web site and retail partners.

"This is an exciting offering because it combines the convenience of contactless payments with a wearable band," he says. "Not only will individuals be able to buy a band at their local retailer, they will also have the ability to buy it on our website, load it up, and they'll be ready to go. We expect the wide availability will also benefit retailers because of the increased brand recognition."

Wingrove says the wristbands are an all-around positive for retailers, who will make a margin on sales. Most retailers will benefit from the opportunity to sell a cool new product with virtually no competition in the market.

Wingrove adds that DC TAG wristbands will work with contactless-enabled POS terminals certified for Visa payWave, so merchants don't have to do anything to enable acceptance.

"We'll also be providing all the signage, racks, and marketing support the retailers will need to make the most of the opportunity," he says.

It's easy to see why the bands themselves will quickly become the must-have wearable: they're incredibly convenient, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and available in a variety of colors.

DC TAG holders will be encouraged to enroll for automatic loading capability. The convenient, contactless format enables high-speed, high security transactions. In addition, the holders will have the ability to manage their bands online, helping to ensure the bands remain safe, secure, and protected against fraudulent usage. Parents who provide a DC TAG to their children will find it convenient for day-to-day use or school trips.

"Consumers are increasingly mobile and these bands are particularly suited to the active lifestyle," Wingrove says. "As merchants look for ways to make it easier to purchase goods and services on the go, we'll be offering them a terrific new product we think will really appeal to their customers."

To learn more about DC TAG, contact your DC Payments representative by email or by phone at 1300 305 600.

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