Fast-Track Your ATM With High-Speed Internet

January 08, 2016

Pop quiz: Does your ATM take more than eight seconds to process a customer’s transaction? If so, it might be suffering from a sluggish connection. Improve the speed of your ATM with a high-speed Internet connection. DC Payments has been upgrading all our clients to high-speed services this year to improve their customers’ experiences.

Longer processing times and slow-moving lines could be sources of customer frustration and indicate a slow ATM connection. The solution is simple: Replace your dedicated ATM phone line with a high-speed Internet connection.

Not only is it easy to do, but the switch can actually save you money.

• It eliminates the cost of a phone line and shortens wait times to decrease the risk of losing valuable customers.

• It enables your ATM to process transactions in just five to eight seconds.

• It allows more transactions in less time.

How does it work? If you have high-speed Internet at your location, your ATM can probably be modified to operate using your existing Internet connection. Be aware that your ATM must incorporate newer technology to have a direct Internet connection. DC Payments can update your current ATM to meet today’s requirements.

If you don’t have Internet, no problem! Simply contact DC Payments and enquire about our new wireless IP solution that offers fast, secure transactions, often at less than the cost of standard dial-up.

Speed and security

We all want a faster and cheaper ATM business, but only if that added speed and savings come with robust information security that protects cardholder information and transaction data. To ensure data security, DC Payments employs the most-secure encryption standards to protect the connection between the ATM and our transaction-processing system. We are moving towards adoption of the newest version of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, which encrypts user information so that only our processing switch can decipher it.

DC Payments was at the forefront of the move to IP-capable ATMs, and we’ve developed back-end systems that support Internet connectivity and built-in security controls. We can help you make the switch from phone line to Internet and give you transaction speeds of five to eight seconds.

To make the change and improve your business, simply call your DC Payments account representative or our 24/7 customer support centre. The setup process typically takes less than one hour, and the results are immediate. Call us today!

 Want to learn more about switching your ATM to a high-speed internet connection? Contact your DC Payments representative by email or by phone at 1800 301 100.

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